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Our Registered Dietitians are specialists in nutrition. We provide our clients with a personal meal plan that is customized to meet the needs of the individual, based on your lifestyle and food preferences.We want you to feel comfortable with our dietitians and know as much about them as possible, so we have made their biographies available to you here on our website.  Click the photo of a dietitian on this page to view more about them.Contact us today to schedule a visit. 

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Personal Nutritional Consulting in Matthews and the Charlotte Area

Our Mission Statement

Our Registered Dietitians pledge to provide personal coaching, customized nutrition education and meal plans to fit your lifestyle with care and concern.

We are pleased you have come to our website to find out more about My Diabetes Dietitian, Inc. in Matthews and we hope you'll find the information you are looking for!  If we may provide you with any additional information or clarifications, please feel free to contact us and we'll reply right away.

Referral Program for Physicians
If you are a physician or practitioner and would like to refer a patient to us for nutritional or diabetic counseling, please see our Physicians section of our website for information and referral forms.  We work with many physicians in our referral program! 

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Our Services

Diabetes Education

As you can see from our name, we certainly do offer specialized services to the diabetic community and those who are at risk of diabetes and diabetic complications.  We offer counseling and education from certified diabetes educators who are experienced in the field of all things "diabetic".  Our services range from helping control blood glucose levels through diet and exercise, to meal planning, and helping to identify triggers that may be causing your diet to get off track and raise your blood sugars.

Weight Control

Statistics show that a third of American adults are overweight, while another third are classified as obese, for a combined total of 68.8 percent of U.S. adults. In addition, obesity is a contributing factor to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease. 

At MDD our philosophy is to take a long term, educated approach towards your personal nutrition. We incorporate the foods you like to eat into your personal meal plan to help you make small lifestyle changes that add up to big results. The goal is to not just lose the weight, but to keep it off. 

Food Allergies

 Are you allergic to wheat or gluten, or do you suffer from celiac disease?  Do you have other allergies or intolerances that make it difficult to plan meals?  Do you struggle with making selections not only at the grocery store but also at restaurants and other eateries that you may not be very confident with? 

We have many ways to assist you in planning meals and planning ahead for those outings where you may otherwise not have a pleasant experience.  Let us help you devise a meal plan and other helpful measures so you can enjoy your eating and know you won't have any complications as a result! 

Corporate Wellness


We believe a healthy workforce and staff helps provide for a healthier work atmosphere and higher productivity.  We encourage employers to take vested interests in the health of their employees by providing insurance coverage that provides for nutritional counseling and education at no cost to the employee.  

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Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Control

Controlling your cholesterol and blood pressure are vital to good health and preventing heart disease or stroke.  We are aware  that cholesterol can be a tricky subject to fully understand, so we assist our clients with education and training to help them lower their cholesterol levels and keep them in the healthy range. 

Celiac Disease

Exercise and participating in athletic activities not only help keep you in shape, it also helps your overall healthy being. A major component of exercising and working out involves proper nutrition to build muscle and strength.

At MDD, we advise you about the nutritional needs before and after working out, such as good carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, and fluids that your body needs to make your work out more productive and aid in recovery from a work out session. 

Heart Healthy Eating

What you eat affects your risk of developing heart disease and poor blood circulation, which can lead to strokes or heart attacks. Heart disease is the number 1 killer of American men and women, with strokes being number three. If you are already at risk of heart disease or stroke, you need to develop a diet and nutritional plan to prevent that risk from increasing. We assist our clients by educating them about foods and nutritional plans which are best suited and proven to help reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke.

Renal (Kidney Related)

Healthy kidneys are vitally important for the human body! When kidneys malfunction, you run the risk of renal failure, which can result in abnormal fluid levels in the body, deranged acidic levels, and heightened levels of potassium, calcium, hematuria (blood in urine), anemia, and even death.  


FODMAP & Food Senstivity

Low FODMAP and High FODMAP diets help identify the lows and highs in lactose, fructose, fructans, and polyols. Foods such as cheese, fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes offer choices in both the low and high FODMAP diet.  Sometimes food sensitivities are difficult to track to the source causing the issue. We will work with patients by way of elimination to more accurately identify the source of the discomfort.

My Diabetes Dietitian Creates Healthy Growth Through Service Diversity

February 12, 2018

MDD was featured as a guest in the Charlotte Business Resources Blog. Feel free to click the button below to view the entire interview wherein Judy Fischer, owner and Registeed Dietitian, discusses how location expansion and service diversity has helped make MDD continue to meet the nutritional needs of the Matthews and surrounding Charlotte area. 

Judy's Interview with CBR